pre contest diet

  1. pre contest diet

    what are best foods for pre contest diet and what to avoid?

  2. Whole foods - Chicken, ground turkey, lean beef, eggs, fish, protein powderOats, yams, brown rice, fruit, whole wheat pastaTry to avoid foods that have a ton of ingredients (processed foods)

  3. Quote Originally Posted by meathead249 View Post
    what are best foods for pre contest diet and what to avoid?

    Really...a loaded question here.

    It all depends on the person and where they begin the prep at etc...

    I see no problems with "white" items, meaning bagels, rice, rice cakes, white potatoes, sugar oats etc...

    There are no set rules in contest dieting, however people do think certain items are absolutely forbidden!

    Dairy, sugar, etc.... it just is not the case.


  4. Depends on each person as Matt said. Depends on your non prep diet, your macro needs, body type, a lot more goes into a diet then here eat this.
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  5. 02sixxer and mattporter pretty much covered it. may want to stay away from sugars and high sodium to reduce amount of bloat.
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