What type of foods make you fatiged and lazy?

  1. What type of foods make you fatiged and lazy?

    I usually eat frozen foods, cereal, tyson buffalo strips, and i eat out at restaurants quite often like burgers, chicken wings, subway, burritos, im not really fat but i am pretty tired and when i go to work i drink a energy drink is my diet making me unmotivated and feeling weak in the gym? What type of foods should i avoid?

  2. Limit processed foods. Nothing wrong with going out to eat once in a while, just don't make it an everyday thing. Frozen foods and cereal you should be avoiding. Cereal could be ok if it is organic, non processed and has a good amount fiber in it. There are millions of books on this. I would suggest you go on amazon and search, "bodybuilding nutrition" in "books". That will get you a ton of results.

  3. You pretty much answered your own question. Yes everything you just mentioned as your daily diet will affect the way you feel in that way. Sounds more like a college stoners diet then a fitness enthusiasts diet. I'm guessing you either don't know how to cook or are extremely lazy about food or both but you definitely should make a drastic change if you're interested in being healthy and fit

  4. As others stated, processed foods with lots of preservatives, additives, etc. will cause lethargy.

    Fast food should be avoided, as they cause sluggishness and lethargy. Largely because, to put it quite frankly, their utter crap.

    When I consume a large quantity of carbs, in one sitting, I get pretty lethargic as well. However this is totally subjective and dependent upon how your body fairs with carbohydrates.

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