Is Obesity a Disease?

  1. Is Obesity a Disease?

    It seems simple to me...change what you eat and drink, change your body.
    I teach about nutrition in my high school health classes and what I see is atrocious. It is true that your body keeps accurate logs of what you eat/drink no matter what you write down. But over the last 9 years I've been doing this, the foods I see kids eating has stayed the same: flamin hot Cheetos, candy, juice, honey buns, pop tarts, and the beloved McDonald's.
    Kids learn to make food choices by how they are raised and by who they hang out with. And forget about family sit down meals.

    I just can't deal with a victim mentality (no time for exercise, no time to plan meals or buy food, can't drink water because it has "no flavor")

    I feel like giving obesity a classification of Disease will further perpetuate the victim mentality. Don't change what you eat, just take government funded medication and keep eating candy.
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  2. On the other hand, maybe personal trainers will be able to bill insurance companies and medicare. Then maybe I'd be rich.

  3. It's a physiological disease perpetuated by our current social ideologies. That say do what ever you want and no one is allowed to judge you for it.

    I agree it's all a bunch of b.s. "I can't afford health food, no time to work out, etc". My local grocery store sells a bag of potato chips for $5 yet I can go to my local produce market and buy 3# red skins for 1.50-2 bucks. It has nothing to do with not having money or time it has to do with being lazy.
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  4. Its no disease, its a choice.

  5. Depends on the person, Ive worked with people who "chemically" were abnormal and didn't seek help until it was already a life threatening problem. Our population now a days overloads on carbs and sugars so for the majority I say it is a problem of choice. I however will not turn a shoulder to the truth of the numerous diseases that lead to or can be attributed to an individuals obesity. Its 2013 we all know better by now.

    Is obesity a disease? Experts sound off - CBS News Video
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