Dealing with type 2 diabetes

  1. Dealing with type 2 diabetes

    So my coworker has type 2 diabetes, I feel bad and am trying to help him out. I was wondering if anyone has any info as far as things to help lower blood sugar, track food/workouts, etc... Any info would be great.
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  2. Anyone? Help with diabetus?
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  3. Ok so far heres what I got for my coworker.

    My fitness pal app to track food and workouts
    Drink more green tea to help control blood sugar and increase the rate of fat loss
    Do a mix of strength training and cardio
    And the obvious CUT CARBS AND SUGAR

  4. No one else has anything for this?

  5. Fine I'll ask another nutrition forum... With black jack... And hookers

  6. Make recommendations based on what his GP has advised; food choice wise. Myfitnesspal works great for tracking macros
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative
    X-gels for strength, Focus XT for mental performance & Joint Support XT for pain free mobility


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