Play. what's your meal ?

  1. Play. what's your meal ?

    Hey ya'll . i saw that gameplay over another place and it went pretty well . so i thougt why not ?
    it goes like this what's your meal at the moment ? you can also post a picture so we all could shere our Anabolic foods and recipes and get inspired .
    so i will start

    300 g chicken breast with a good salad and a little olive oil.

  2. Protein ice cream

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    1 whole egg 3/4 egg whites and avacado

  4. 8 oz tbone cut from bone, 10 oz potatoe with cheddar cheese & salsa on top, 1 cup oatmeal with 1 scoop protein, .5 cup of red raspberries, and 12 g of pb2.

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  5. My cheat meal for today .. Vanilla Protein pancakes with melted penuat butter and strawberries jelly from reall orgnic strawberries no added sugar though, with a Cup of non fat milk. gotta love it!
    recipie: 50g oats, 4 egg whites,1scoop of Vanilla protein mix with a blender and whoa!!!


  6. That's a cheat?
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by jswain34 View Post
    That's a cheat?
    i'm cutting atm so i guess you can call it a cheat lol

  8. Super bro meal but ey, on dat der shreddder time.

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