Need help with fathers test level

  1. Need help with fathers test level

    Just want some people's info and what you think i his levels his doctor didn't help him much. Back round info he's 42 total test 818 free test 82.6 bioavailable 162.8 . Any info will help thanks in advanced

  2. Anyone?

  3. What are you asking regarding a 42 year old man with test levels in the 800's? Are you asking how much testosterone he's been injecting? Or are you asking where he's buying it?

  4. Was just wondering how are his levels . His doctor didn't really help him much . And wanted to know if there low? High? Or r they fine? Thank you for the help

  5. I don't know where the free and bioavailable test levels fall into right now without looking up reference ranges, but total levels are fine. As long as he's not having problems that can be attributed to hormones I'd say he's good to go.

  6. Ty for the help so his test level are fine for his age? I've done a little research my self free test looks low is that a problem?


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