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    Hello, im 15 years old 165 5'10 8% bodyfat, 6 weeks ago i did a cut with fat burners strict diet and cardio, i was at 183 15% bodyfat, now i am at what is stated at the beginning, i was wondering i want to start gaining weight but i want to keep my definition (abs and whatnot) i was wondering what i could eat? Im already trying to eat every two hours but eat clean.. This is my usual daily diet.. Wake up around 8-11 eat 2-4 whole eggs in a 100% whole wheat tortilla with a banana, make two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (100% whole wheat bread) for the gym, go to the gym eat both sandwiches in the time im their, make a protein shake after, get home eat chicken ontop of salad, 2 hours later, more chicken, 2 hours later dinner.. Whatever they make me most of the time.. Please give advice on nutrition? and what could happen and such.. Thank you (:

  2. It's a 3 part article (hence 3 links), read all 3 parts thoroughly. I'm in the same boat as you. 19yo, 5'6", 148 and 6.4% body fat. I want to get bigger, but don't want to gain a lot of fat.

    This article is a little...extreme...but it's the truth. Calories in < calories out = lose weight
    Calories in = calories out = maintain weight
    Calories in > calories out = gain weight

    WHAT you eat doesn't matter "as much" as HOW MUCH you eat. You can eat "health foods" and gain just as much weight as you can with junk, and you can lose weight with junk just as much as with "health foods."

    In short, if you want to gain muscle, eat more. You will gain fat, it's inevitable. I'm having a hard time with that concept myself. Start by adding 200 calories a day, of anything, to your diet for about 7 days, if you gain weight, keep it there. If not, bump it up to 500 extra a day (add 300 more to the previous 200, not adding 700 to your original diet).

    Long post, but I'm trying to be helpful. I'm going to college for Kinesiology and Minoring in nutrition, so I'm glad i got a chance to use some of my learning. Good luck man.

    Professor Haub's Diet Experiment (www) mayoclinic (com)/health/junk-food-diet/MY01589

    (www) higher-faster-sports (com)/****OrGetOffThePot1.html

    (www) higher-faster-sports (com)/****OrGetOffThePot2.html

    (www) higher-faster-sports (com)/****OrGetOffThePot3.html

    Also, if you get a chance, read Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook. It was required reading for me and I've read it cover to cover multiple times.

    (www) amazon (com)/gp/aw/d/0736074155/ref=redir_mdp_mobile/177-2210948-1596660

    I can't post links because my post count < 150, sorry man, just copy and paste the link and fix it to how it should be, lol.
    I'm just trying to bring sexy back.

  3. You'll also have to change **** to the actual word that means poop but starts with an T and ends with a T.

    I tried man, I tried.
    I'm just trying to bring sexy back.

  4. Any other questions, feel free to ask. Sorry about 3 post back to back. Just tryin to share what I've learned, got a little excited.
    I'm just trying to bring sexy back.

  5. Hey man, i really appreciate it, im changing my training program to 5/3/1 monday, wednesday, friday, and sunday.. I was doing monday through saturday every day.. on my off days ill do cardio or something in place of that.. im just eating right now tho.. im trying too haha. im eating every 2 hours..

  6. If its easier for you, just eat 2 or 3 big meals. Some days I'm not hungry and I'll just eat one meal (1800 calories) right after my workout. It's not to much about constantly eating, despite the mantra of bodybuilders worldwide. You have about 12-16 hours to eat your calories (depending on your sleep schedule). It doesn't really matter HOW you get your calories, as long as you get them. 1 big meal or 10 snack type meals. It's all about finding what works for you.
    I'm just trying to bring sexy back.

  7. i don't think you should be cutting at your age. i'm sure you burn off whatever you eat quickly. just eat a lot and train hard. do more cardio if you're trying to shed fat.

  8. i know i dont need to cut at this age, i can burn anything off haha, im just concerned about carbs and sugars and whatnot. I want to keep my 9-10% bodyfat but im eating like a beast lately.. Doesnt matter ill just get some more cardio in.

  9. If you're trying to get bigger, and you're lifting and doing cardio all the time. You will just sit and spin your wheels. Do cardio. But maybe three times a week. Hiit preferably.

  10. thats perfect, ill do 5/3/1 Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday. and ill run Tuesday Thursday and Saturday.

  11. I'd add in some volume work with that 5/3/1.

  12. Volume work?

  13. Look up 5/3/1 boring but big and your golden pony boy.


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