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    Brown Sugar Cookie Dough MyOatmeal

    So Far I have had 2 different flavors:
    SnickerDoodle PB Lean with Blueberries (My #1)
    Brown Sugar PB Lean Cake Batter (My #3)

    This hopped right in between at #2. I must say that the Cookie Dough is very well flavored in MyOatmeal and Anthony did a superb job of adding in the brown sugar which complimented this flavor very well. Now when you think of Cookie Dough you imagine those very chewy cookie balls you get in ice cream or small chunks of candy. What is odd is that Anthony did it in a powder form in a very good fashion, you get that small hint of after taste going down your throat with a great brown Sugar sweetener that really gives it an extra edge in the overall flavoring. I would have to say this shines greater flavor wise than the cake batter (which Anthony raved was one of the best) and is pretty close to topping snicker doodle, but I found the SnickerDoodle to just be overpowering (which I love). The Cookie Dough is not to the point where its too strong, but its very refreshing and gives you a good glimpse of candy like you can get when you get mix-ins from a ice cream shop.

    Overall this takes my #2 spot and I highly rank this, being a cookie dough lover I could not pass up trying this out and Anthony did a great job in nailing the flavor

    I still have Brown Sugar Oatmeal Cookie to try out and I have a feeling that will be a great flavor, so I will get to that soon!

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    I guess i cant talk about oatmeal on here i got infracted. Ill just have to let this thread die out. My bad guys.
    Now you know thats not true.

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