Wow, I feel like a complete idiot... I didn't even see this second page..... That being said I have no taken a PCT because I wanted to give my body more time off any sort of supplements (including stimulants like pre workouts). I have a script for a blood test to check my testosterone and estrogen levels only. I have a very stingy endocrinologist who insists I'm fine and doesn't really want to work out the problem. In fact, I'm fairly certain I have slight gynecomastia and she refuses to take action. Does anyone know what type of imaging I would need to confirm or disprove my suspicions? Possibly an MRI on my chest? My diet is not that great, especially since I'm a full time student and biochemist (very time consuming schedule). I am probably getting bloodwork done sometime soon. As for the thalassemia believe it or not I was told to take prenatal vitamins because they are high in B vitamins and folic acid. I have worked out maybe 4 or 5 times these past three months because I've been so busy. Lastly, I wanted to thank everyone on this thread for the help, it means a lot. Especially ZiR, excellent backing to your statements, and you too Jiigzz!