Diet help.

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    Wondering if you guys could help me out with my lean bulk macros. I'm currently 5'6 157lbs and a 19 year old male. Going to go on a lean bulk but wanted to see if these cals would work out. The only physical activity I do at the moment is weight training 5x a week and cardio 2-3x a week for 15-20 mins.

    On days:

    350g carbs
    180g protein
    70g fat
    = 2750 cals

    off days

    300g carbs
    180g protein
    70g fat
    = 2550 cals

    Let me know what you guys think. Critiques and opinions. My TDEE is 2700 I believe.

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    Id start with those cals then increase as needed. Id have more fats, make sure some is saturated. Id also have a good amount of veggies and try to get 25-35g fiber a day.

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