I have decided after reading and researching about lean gains/IF to give it a go! In the past years besides dieting for a bodybuilding show, and a few other occurences I have very rarely dieted or tracked my diet (outside of protein numbers). I have been pretty blessed to IMO never have gotten above 15% bf even at my heaviest of 240+. Alas I would like to start being healthier, eating healthier, and being in better overall physical condition. For me this includes maintaining good cardio (Sub 1430 2 mile run), getting stronger, leaner, and feeling better overall. My eating window is going to be either from 230-1030 or 3-11 depending on the day. Since I am trying to do a bulk I am going to keep calories between 2800 and 3200 depending on the day. I am attaching what will probably be a normal eating day for me, but meats and fishes are interchangable between steak, chicken, tilapia, tuna, etc. Any improvements/constructive criticisms are gladly welcomed!

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