More evidence that carbs post workout are overrated

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  1. I think this totally depends on WHEN you are working out. Obviously if your working out at night, then it may be different...

  2. Quote Originally Posted by MuscleGauge1 View Post
    I think this totally depends on WHEN you are working out. Obviously if your working out at night, then it may be different...
    This is true. Almost all the studies on post workout nutrition were done on fasting subjects.

  3. For me, PWO carbs are relatively useless as I tried all that crap and then switched back to protein only didnt notice any muscle loss and got leaner while dooijng so. Win win.

    Some Old Man Wisdon for those who care.........

    This is slightly off topic here but for those who need some assistance with sanity while watching carb intake:

    I'm with all you low carb discliples as I have been fostering this lifestyle for over a decade in varying degrees. I've tried all the different styles ranging from strict keto to CKD to TKD amongst others.

    Now that Im older, I am much more laid back in terms of my rigidity (psychoticness) and have realized very little in terms of fat gain. I am not as peeled as I used to be when I was obsessed with maintaining a disciplined approach as I used to hover between 8-10% and would freak when I was at 10%. I hover between 10-12% these days BUT have the luxury of sanity, and enjoying life again (parties, festivities, holidays, vacations, etc).

    One trick I have learn that has made all the difference in the world is very straightward and rather simplistic in nature....

    If I go off the deep end with a carb-loaded indulgence/binge, I simply go VERY low calorie and pretty much ALL lean protein the following day. By the second day, I return to my low carb regimen and return to normal weight and body fat for me.

    If I go hog wild, I will also try to get in 2 workouts the next day (AM and PM) on of which is HIT cardio only alongside the low calorie/protein only strategy.

    Works like a charm. Again, nothing Einsteinian going on here and it works like a charm.

    It is in my nature to be pathologically obsessive compulsive about things I am interested in but I feel I got "lost" for a decade of my life and missed out on many simple pleasures by being so darn rigid and peculiar with this low carb mentality.

    These days, I use the K.I.S.S principle. A basic outline of my current eating strategy is: I eat lean meat and greens of any variety for every meal and include diversified forms of healthy fats with my meals. Done. I try to use a 60/30/10 ratio (P/F/C). Low glycemic index carbs come naturally from the veggies.

    When I am craving some carbs or crap food, I enjoy it, but get right back on the horse the next day. I've tried to keep my binging to immediately post work out to mitigate some of the carb binge but I really dont give that too much thought as I realized that TOO is a relatively useless concept for me since my glycogen stores are already perpetually low.

    I feel great, my skin is glowing from all the healthy fats and I enjoy being SANE again and not obsessing with every freaking meal being a make or break dilemma. So foolish. I get my carsb in at the very least 2 times/day to keep my thyroid and leptin levels in check AND by doing so, I am not as glucose intolerant/insensitive as well so when I eat my carbs, I don't pass out anymore.

    I do not necessarily subscribe to many of the bro-logic dogma out there as it gets grossly publicized then dismissed shortly thereafter so I got sick of all the never-ending debates riddles with hidden agendas (supps and p-shakes endorsing/selling authors) that I dove into what makes logical sense for me. Like the excessive protein amounts beign preached as gospel (rolling eyes in disgust). I'm at 206 lbs as of this morning with a pretty decent 6-pk in my 40's and I'm currently only getting in 180-200 grams of protein per day max (**I do use BCAAS and Leucine pre/peri/post w/o).

    Back OT: I dont tolerate carbs well and I like to be lean. The above works incredibly well for me and takes all the thinking/obsessing so my search is over for the next best dieting principle "proven" by the latest greatest smartest "guru" (vomit!). THANK GOD
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