low carbohydrate articles???

  1. low carbohydrate articles???

    So I'm looking for any pub-med type articles on minimal carbohydrate type diets and the short term and long term effects it has on the body physically and also its effects on the mind like depression and anxiety. I'm writing a research paper and need some scientific evidence as my sources and am not having any luck doing a plain Google search (I'm also learning to use pub-med for the first time as well). So if anyone knows any article names and/or links for pub-med or any other medical type sites off the top of their head that would be amazing. Also I've always been a fan of high carbohydrate diets and am using this opportunity to explore the idea of lowering carbohydrates as I'm for the first time tracking calories/carbohydrate/protein/fat and "eating clean" and transitioning into my first proper cut. Any articles anyone has would be more then appreciated.


  2. Type this into the search box on pubmed

    "Volek JS"[Author]

    Jeff Volek is one of the leading researchers in low carbohydrate/high fat diets and the effects on biomarkers, physiology, lipids, and just about everything else.

    You may have to scroll through the articles, as his name is on a lot of published thesis/dissertations from UCONN as well.

    Here' some pubmed IDs to search for starters (that I got off that list)



    Also, after you click on an article, pubmed provides related articles in a box on the right side of the screen. So take advantage of that as well.


  3. A lot of potentially relevant articles come up if you do a Google search for "low carb articles".
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  4. I already finished my essay, "ZiR RED" hooked me up in a pm with a couple other pointers. And most of the responses i got from google was just a lead to some new low carb fad that was trying to sell stuff.

  5. Post the paper up..
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