Some help with my diet

  1. Some help with my diet

    I'm just coming off the Anabolic Diet, so I need to construct a diet. I'm gonna follow the x amount of protein and fat per lb bodyweight and the rest filled with carbs thing. My calories are at 1700 daily. I weigh 113 pounds. The instructions say 0.45-1g of fat per lb of bodyweight and 1-1.5g of protein per lb of bodyweight. I see it as hit the protein and the bottom line of fat and then fill in the rest with either fat or carbs as I want. So the minimum requirements are 61g of fat and 113g of protein (the upper end of protein would be 169g). I'm not sure however if I might need more protein, due to my age (14) and the fact that I'm cutting (it mentions that protein becomes more important on a cut). So if you guys could tell me what you think my protein intake should be then that would be grand.

  2. And if someone could give help/advice/a course of action for getting back to carbs then that would be good. I've been thinking that for a while I might actually need high carbs just so my body can go back to running on them rather than fat. Which kinda makes me think at what level of carbs for how long will your body switch back to a glucose metabolism.

    I asked my original question on but everyone just told me to ''eat normally and not to count anything for christ sake'' or something along those lines, so guys show me how much better AnabolicMinds is!

  3. Come on guys!

  4. So you're coming off the Anabolic Diet where you were cutting, and you are now going to continue cutting on a typical bodybuilding diet, or do you plan to begin bulking?

  5. I'm going to continue cutting.

  6. Honestly man at the end of the day, if you want to cut, you have to burn more calories than you take in. Let's say you follow the classic 40/40/20 plan Protein/Carbs/Fat. You're cutting so you only want to take in about 1130 calories a day (your bodyweight x 10). Based on this, you would be taking in 113g protein a day, 113g carbs, and 26g of fat. If your foods are all of the highest quality - and you're working out, then you should see results with this formula.

    Do a google search for "Calorie Calculator - Macro Nutrients" if you want to calculate a different ratio... like 40/30/30 perhaps.

  7. Thanks. Seriously don't I need more protein though?

  8. What is your height and your current lifting like? Can you give us a day in your life of meals? As for your question about protein many people debate on how much you need per day , absorbed etc. I believe that your consuming enough and at your age another peanut butter sandwich or 3 eggs (with or with out yolk up to you) a day should help on a cut.... hope this helps ;-)

  9. So everyone agrees 113g of protein is enough?


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