Website for interesting peanutbutters and berries

  1. Website for interesting peanutbutters and berries

    Wilderness Poets Raw Macadamia Butter with Brazil Nuts

    Just got the one above and its awesome.

    They have Coconut oil and Hemp oil aswell.

    The jungle peanuts were OK,

    almond butter was good a little bland (but theres no sugar)

    The sweet hemp spreads were excellent.

    Havent tried any berries since im dieting but all this stuff unique

    Jungle peanuts are 40% oleic acids. which is higher then regular roasted peanuts.

  2. Artisana makes coconut butter (awesome), mac nut butter, pecan butter, tahini, and lots of other stuff. Real good stuff. All organic, but a little pricey.
    Peanut Butter and Co. makes good flavored PB. My favorite is Dark Chocolate Dreams. Cinnamon raisin is good too.

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