Ketogenic Diet.. 1st time.. Some help please?

  1. Ketogenic Diet.. 1st time.. Some help please?

    Hey guys, I'm giving some very serious thought to trying out a ketogenic diet. Before I attempt this for the first time, I have a lot of questions, so I'm sorry in advance and please don't rip into me for it. Been hearing a lot of things about the Paleo diet and all these things which kind of fall under that umbrella. The way I understand it is, in a nutshell.. without carbs, or very little, your body must get it's primary energy source from fat, so your body converts fat into energy rather than storing it. Is this more or less correct?

    What kinds of fats can you eat/should you avoid while doing this? Of course the diet should be rich in nuts, unsaturated oils, etc.. but should I be conscious about taking in too much saturated fat (bacon, cheese, etc), or do these "rules" no longer apply so much?

    Some documentation i've read suggests to carb up on the weekends to front-load your carbs for the coming week? Is this recommended?

    Also one of the things I'm curious about is the cholesterol. I realize that it boosts T and the anabolic benefits, but with consuming all the meat, etc. Is cholesterol something that I should be concerned with?

    I also understand that, if not done correctly, you can get ketone buildup in the blood and go into ketosis. How should the fat intake be gauged?

    If done correctly, I shouldn't be storing a whole lot of body fat, correct? What kind of aesthetic results can I expect if done properly?

    Again, sorry for all the questions, guys, and I thank you very much in advance!

  2. I am a huge advocate of the Paleo diet and would suggest that approach over a keto one.

    What is your current bodyfat percent?
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  3. I've heard good things as well. Right now I sit at around 11%. Right around there.

  4. Only fat I would avoid would be trans fat. Say fats are fine so enjoy that bacon

    It is recommended that you "carb up" over the weekend. The key here is to know your limit. Watch out for spill over and when you start to look soft.

    As for aesthetics, most report a "flat" look throughout the week.
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  5. If you feel like reading shoot me a PM and I'll send you a book on the Metabolic Diet, which is basically a more specific Keto diet with carb ups on the weekend.

    As far as cholesterol; no, not something you should be worried with. Studies have shown little to no correlation between cholesterol consumed to levels of bad cholesterol on a healthy person. Especially if you are loading up on the good fats (read Olive Oil, Macadamia Oil, all sorts of nuts, fish, fish oil, etc). What leads to bad cholesterol is being overweight or eating above maintenance level. I have done this diet for 9 months now and all my blood panel got better.

    Indeed, if done correctly you should have plenty of ketones in your body; this will change from one person to the next, and that will also gauge how many carbs you can consume and still make it into ketogenic state the week after. A half day for some, a 3 day bender for others, it will depend on how you react. You can always buy keto stix to have an idea of where you stand, but if you go basically carb free and at 50% protein, 40% fat, 10% carb it's almost a given that you should be going in ketosis (keeping in mind stuff that may kick you out, obviously, such as diet soda, fruits, coconut oil, etc)

    Anyways, shoot me a PM if you want some more info or just ask away and I'll try to help. I've loved this diet because it alows me to do everything I enjoy.
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  6. Thank you very much! I'll do that! It's something I'm very interested in.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by bla55 View Post
    ... it's almost a given that you should be going in ketosis (keeping in mind stuff that may kick you out, obviously, such as diet soda, ....

    Diet soda shouldn't kick you out of ketosis.

    What are you basing this off of?

    Possibly, the citric acid in diet sodas might affect
    ketosis by affecting liver metabolism ( the Krebs cycle), which could possibly make it more difficult to enter ketosis but it should not affect ketosis once it has been

    There was just a recent study that showed a greater weight gain of diet soda drinkers vs regular soda drinkers, but calorie intake wasn't controlled. All the study showed was diet soda drinkers have a tendency to eat more food but the diet soda itself didn't cause the weight gain, it was the extra good eaten.

    I personally don't drink diet soda due to the aspartame but that is a personal decision and doesn't have much to do with weight but my overall health.
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  8. Diet soda shouldnt kick you out of ketosis.

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  9. Josh, are you talking about the study where it showed that people drinking Diet Soda ended up eating more or being hungry earlier and whatnot? I believe I read up on that one as well.

    The Diet soda "shouldn't" kick you out of ketosis, but I had done some searching and there was some specifics I can't remember that "could" kick you out. I had a basically 0 carb diet for a while and was getting kicked out, and I came to find out that there was a possiblity depending on the diet soda, so that's why I was just giving the heads up warning. Once I'm home I will try to look for it and post it up.
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