My diet.. Please chime in

  1. My diet.. Please chime in

    Here is my typical work day diet, as of right now i pushed my mma/wrestling and boxing on hold for a while. So here is a typical day.
    I will start running first thing every morning 7 days a week. but for now im keeping it simple, i wake up around 6am

    1st meal: 6am
    3 boiled eggs (whites only)
    1cup of fat free yogurt mixed with a scoop of whey protien
    1/4 cup of almonds

    2nd mean: 8-9am
    whey shake
    banana or apple or some sort of fruit

    3rd meal: about 11-12pm
    Boneless skinless chicken breast about 8-10 oz's
    some veggies (carrots, celerey, spinach, asparagus, lettuce)
    boiled sweet patatos sliced

    4th meal: around 2-3pm
    whey shake
    wheat bread (1slice)
    natural peanut butter

    around 5-6:30 is where i will do my weight training which i usally drink some BCAA about 30mins prior
    during my training i start to drink creatine mono, aakg, citrulline malate, and BCAA.
    followed by a whey shake.

    5th meal: about 30mins after workout
    chicken breast or tuna
    sweet patatoes or brown rice

    6th meal: around 8-9ish
    whey mixed with a cup of fat free yogurt

    my problem area is around the time i train for some reason i feel like im taking in to much bcaa . need some help and advice. thanks guys

  2. Good or bad bump it!!!!

  3. Any advice guys?

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