1. bloodwork

    got my bloodwork done think my testosterone is pretty low for a 24 year old...

    Testosterone, Serum 302
    LH 2.5
    FSH 4.7
    Estradiol 25

    I am starting a M-drol pulse cycle in a week and got my bloodwork done before, going to get it during and after pct also.

  2. Thats low, but not totally terrible. What time was it taken at? Also, do you happen to generally eat relatively low fat, or primarily vegetable fats?

  3. It was around 11am, no I eat a lot of protein, main fat source dairy, meat and fish...

  4. normally I take in around 80gram fat 250g carbs 250g protein around there

  5. well, normally most endocrinologists would say that any hormone levels taken past 9am arent particularly valid. Your levels are highest right on waking, and your body uses the hormones as the day goes by.

  6. well I woke up at like 10am haha... will see what my blood results look like at the end of the cycle.


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