Hiccups when eating spicy food

  1. Hiccups when eating spicy food

    Don't know why, but this has happened to me all my life, or at least since i started eating spicy foods. My friend says jokingly that maybe it's because my body is rejecting the heat.

    Anyone else have this problem??

  2. YES! I thought I was the only One!!

    I hate it, happened to me the other day with a wendys chicken Salad, the chicken was spicy and got me hiccuping, ruins my meals And I love spicy food!!

    Also happens with anything carbonated
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  3. When I eat REALLY hot foods... habaneros.... something drenched in Dave's Insanity Sauce.... Hiccups. Yes indeed.

  4. Never happens to me and im soooooo glad it doesnt!!!! Love me some hot ANYTHING! There has to be an answer as to why this is happening but im not the one with it. Anyone? I would like to know just for the sake of knowing.

  5. Happens to me too, I ate a habanero not knowing what it was at first, and it had me hiccuping for 15 minutes!



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