anabolic diet help

  1. anabolic diet help

    I am planning on starting this program next week. the problem is i have an extremely active job (coke delivery man) and need food suggestions. secondly i hate eggs and from what i've read this is a staple food item. any suggestions on what i can replace them with?

  2. Mix egg whites, egg white powder or whole eggs in your shakes you wont taste them. I eat lots of string cheese on that diet.

    You can do it!

  3. thanks i may have to try the powdered eggs

  4. Eggs r not a necessity brother!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by musclehustler View Post
    Eggs r not a necessity brother!
    yea but they are so magical!!! vitamin A+E, arichidonic acid, BCAAs, EFAs the benefits are amazing
    BJJ = life

  6. i know they are i just cant stand em. trust me i wish i could

  7. mind over matter
    BJJ = life

  8. oh trust me i"ve tried

  9. Pork rinds and beef jerky brother!

  10. oh yeah!! i can do that! thanks for th suggestions


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