Hey bro's i just recently joined for some depserate needed help due to my back surgery about 2 months ago i was cleared to start training 4 weeks ago and i am 3 weeks back. Before my surgery on the 2 herniated discs in my back i was up around the 190's at 5'11 and less than 15%bf exact number im not sure my lifts were as follows. Bench-305x1 Squat-350x1 - Dead 465x1. As i stand now i am down to 178lbs and still somewhat strong but a decent cry away from where i was prior. I'm looking to stop the *****footing around and put the blood sweat and tears in to get back to where i was and well past it and i want to start fresh because i have trained for close to 5 years now 3 serious 2 years prior to that on and off i need to overhaul my training and my diet so if you vets out there could lend me any advice i sure would appreciate it and keep an up to date pic/stat log to show how you have helped me , meal plan and routine outline would be fantastic.. Looking forward to the responses. thanks bros

  2. what do you eat like now? before i post a diet i gotta know what you can cook and prepare now

  3. everything pretty much, lots of chicken, whole grains no white bread or pasta, eat a lot of red meat such as lean ground beef and steaks, veggies you name it just looking for a good solid outline i can stick to along with a regimen to get back into the swing

  4. I could outline you a way to eat but it includes eliminating all grains/dairy/sugars. if you are still interested let me know.
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