Help me fix my liver? O_o

  1. Help me fix my liver? O_o

    When I went to enlist, everything that I did at MEPS went over without a scratch. BUT, I had pneumonia a few months before I went. With the pneumonia, I was at the docs a bit, blood work, meds, etc... So I needed that crap for the doc at MEPS(who I SWEAR is Ghandi). The first time I went I was a freaking moron and mentioned the doc, not thinking(when he asked if I had seen a doc recently), so he sent me back to get an OK and such from the clinic I was at. When I tried to get it, they said my bloodwork was whacko. So they took more blood, the test came back, and my liver apparently had a problem.(Two numbers were 2-3 times what they should be, I forget what they were though. I am thinkng AST and ALT were what they were.)

    The clinic wouldn't give me a clearance letter to go back to MEPS until they had it checked out. So I had more blood taken(for random diseases they said), went to a GI specialist, and had an ultrasound done. The blood came back with elevated numbers still (months after pneumonia or meds, all I was using was protein and I believe I had finished my Jack3d a few weeks before, was on no pre-WO during the tests). The ultrasound had nothing unusual in it. The GI specialist said it must be a fatty liver because he couldn't find anything wrong with me. He gave me a clearance letter and said I would be fine in the military(was going Army). It all went to MEPS and I received a letter saying I was disqualified from military service(which has been my dream since I was 12, lol) because of a history of elevated liver enzymes.

    It also said that my branch of service would need a waiver(meaning I still had a chance). My recruiter supposedly put in for the waiver and told me he would let me know when it was in. He's never contacted me(I gave up about a month of him never calling me/avoiding me).

    I still plan on going OCS after college, but I know the liver thing will be an issue(I assume they keep paperwork? Again, I was fine during all of MEPS).

    Is there anything to be done to fix AST and ALT levels? I've heard of it being done, but nobody ever knew how they did it. I have 3 years till I'm done, so I have some time.

  2. Are you taking creatine monhydrate by any chance? I got a blood test while I was taking it one time and my liver values were through the roof. I got an ultrasound and everything seemed normal. A few months later I had another blood test and I had stopped using creatine and all of my values were within norm. Were your creatinine levels elevated as well?

  3. They said nothing of any levels besides AST and ALT :/

    I wasn't taking anything within two weeks of the second test that they ran(still high). It's been a few months(I think around 7-8), so maybe I should just have the liver checked again and hope it is all A-OK.

  4. Those two, ast and alt, were elevated. Something like two fold for me. Also creatinine was elevated which i guess is a metabolite of creatine. I pretty much knew right away what was causing my levels to be off but she wanted to take extra precautions and had me do an ultrasound which came out normal.

    From what i understand the elevated alt and ast valuea indicate that the liver is working to clear something from your body.

  5. Ah, alright. That makes sense then. I doubt it would be from pneumonia since it was so long after, but could be supplements that stuck around in my system. Hoping to get more blood work done soon, just not sure when. I'll probably try to take a month off of anything but vitamins/fish oil beforehand I suppose.



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