Attn iPhone/iPod users!

  1. Attn iPhone/iPod users!

    Hey guys. So just a little FYI- there is a pretty sweet app called ikeepfit- which is a diet log/ calorie counter and works prett well,, plus it's free! I read some people on here use loseit, which works but is more geared towards fatloss, ikeepfit can be used for bulking or cutting. Honestly I never used to count macros, but since you using this app consistently for last month I've put on 4-5 pounds, just by going 500kcal over my projected maintenance. Check it out!

  2. you should try dailyburn. There's also a scanner that allows you to scan upc codes.

  3. Cool. I just installed dailyburn , I'll have have to compare the two. Good looking out.

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