How do you prefer your shakes, water, milk, or juice?

  1. How do you prefer your shakes, water, milk, or juice?

    I stick with milk (skim), just love the more fuller feeling and creaminess vs water, haven't really done the juice thing as doesn't taste good with flavored powders too me. I usually throw in a banana and some peanut butter, that seems to work better with milk vs water, taste like I'm drinking nice milk shake lol.

  2. Whole milk all the way.

    Water if I'm lowering cals.

    Juice I haven't tried yet O_o

  3. Depends on the shake for me. If there's peanut butter involved, a little soy or whey powder and water.. Otherwise, I stick with a juice base. Milk doesn't like my body, I'm lactose intolerant haha. I find it better tasting to use OJ as a base anyways.

  4. I usually do milk but, I'm trying to cut now so water

  5. 0% Milk for me lol

  6. I like 1% milk in the morning.. But I also keep almond milk around to use for my nighttime shake. If u haven't tried it it's surprisingly good, u can get 2 half gallons for like 5 bucks at Costco.

  7. I always use water, regardless.

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