labtests show low test..... help

  1. labtests show low test..... help

    yea so my lab work came back and my test was super low along with my vit. D being incredibly low even though ive been supplementing with about 2,000 IU a day on top of my multi.

    I used cryo test about a month back but didnt really notice any difference form using it, however lately ive been getting stroner and putting on sum weight sooooo any ideas y my test would be so low? u think the cryotest would do it? What can i do to change this? Im scheduled to go see an endocrinologist now and im worried. I had ordered sum D-aspartic acid a couple days ago and dunno if i shoudl start using it or not esp. before going to see th doc. Please help me thanks!

  2. 5'9 and 125lbs? Thats a bit light. Perhaps you're working out too much and not eating enough. Try eating more fats, I'd highly recommend something like coconut oil with Medium cHAIN Triglycerides (MCTs). Could you post your diet and workout regime?

  3. i ahve my diet in another post..... =im swamped with work this week i can put sumthin up this weekend.... but im up to about 138 now so ive put on weight even with relly low t levels like noraml the doc said is liek 250 and mine was like 50 or sumthin crazy.....not cool! im worried, but hopeful that if i get tehm regulated (dunno how) my gains will be throught he roof cuz sumhow i ahve made gains , u thinka ny of this woudl be due to the cryotest? and what about the d-aspartic acid, shoudl i still try it out or no?

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