Best Ways to add fat to Keto

  1. Best Ways to add fat to Keto

    I love to Keto, and find it a very effective diet when done right. I have laminated copies of the macro breakdown of everything I eat taped to the insides of my cupboards so I can constantly keep my totals running through the day. For most, its all the fat that makes keto tough. I thought this board could use a bigger Keto community, and would like to know everybody's little tricks for upping the fat.

    Mine are:
    1.Eat Coconut Oil
    2.Add Cheese or mayo. They have minimal carbs if any and make everything taste great!
    3. Buy fattier cuts of meat.

  2. fish oil, olive oil, peanuts.......

  3. BACON, eggs (6 grams per egg)

  4. BACON!

    Eggyolk eggsalad!

    shot of oil every meal. BAM

  5. nuts (almonds, walnuts, etc), seeds (sesame, pumpkin, sunflower); i eat granola that has many of these mixed in for higher carb days; very nutrient dense calories IMO. the only problem i have is not wanting to eat the whole pound in like a day

  6. ooooh...also almond butter its a new thing for me but i love it. maranatha crunchy its like $3.50 at wal-ly world

  7. Pork skins for the win!!!


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