1. Diet

    My buddy from back home just became a Nutritionist... and this is the diet he started me on.

    1. 9 Egg whites with 50g oats
    2. 40g WPI shake
    3. Chicken breast with fruit(apple sauce/pomegranate sauce) and fiber one bar
    4. 40g WPI shake w/ oats
    5. Salmon/Tuna with 100% wheat bread
    6. 7 egg whites
    7. 25g Casein Prot shake


    The change is on meal 5. Instead of fish its 8 oz ny strip. No complaints by me its ****ing delicious.

    All cooked meats are done on the grill with lemon pepper seasoning and only condiment used is hot sauce.

    Was wanting to get some others inputs on this. What they would change or do differently. Thanks.

  2. Weird, being a nutritionist, you'd think he'd know about the wonderful health benefits of the egg yolk. Everything else looks pretty good, although if it was me I'd want a little more variety.

  3. needs more solid "real" food IMO. what are you goals anyway?

  4. Yea... toss in some whole eggs.

    For your 3rd meal, instead of a fiber one bar consider grinding up flax or hemp seed and mixing that in with your apple sauce. IMO it will be more cost effective and healthier. Ground flax seed mixes quite nicely too, it will gel up the sauce a little bit and give it a fresher flavor.

  5. I put on some unneeded fat while I was injured. So I'm just trying to cut bf and put some mass on at the same time. Nothing too extreme.



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