Bars for hardcore outdoor activities?

  1. Bars for hardcore outdoor activities?

    So it's almost time for me to re-order the bars I eat while hiking and climbing. I usually stick with all of the different Clif varieties. It occurred to me to do some research on other brands and whatnot, but all I seem to find are pages that are either ads or only recommending one product. It's like shopping for protein with all of the crazy claims that some brands make, and it's not easy to cut through the BS for good info. I figure perhaps the AM crew can help!

    My question boils down to what are some good quality store bought bars I could grab out of my pack for an on-the-go snack? I live in the mountains, I hike and climb in the mountains, and I am on a local technical rescue team that mainly works in extreme mountain terrain. Thus, these bars are not fuel for leisurely strolls across flat grasslands (I realize some people would call that "hiking"). I am looking for something with the right kinds of carbs and fats, carb/protein/fat ratios, etc. Not necessarily a recovery bar, more of an overall meal replacement that would be good for someone doing those activities.

  2. I've read good things about Supreme Protein Bars.

  3. That ultramarathon guy munches on raptor xtreme bars.

  4. Chef Jays... If you're looking for good carbs + cals + protein... taste awesome.

    Chocolate peanut butter.

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