IBS...Help with advice please!!!

  1. IBS...Help with advice please!!!

    Ok so here it is, awhile back, I started eating a ton of fiber without really realizing it. I started having diarrhea, and continued to have it, and still have it now. I've had it for probably 3 months now, and I just got testing done at the doctor and they said im extremely healthy, just too much fiber. Anyway, I cut the fiber and water intake down about a week ago, but my question is, how long do you guys think it will take to get back to my "regular" stools? I dont think I have any food allergies or anything, but I could be wrong. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks Guys!!!

  2. If the culprit were allergies you would have stomach pains, as well as other symptoms. I had a bowel resection 8 years ago, and was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. Since then I have been following nutrition and weight lifting to help ease the suffering with great results.

    I know a lot about poop, so the next time you go, take a long hard look in the toilet bowl and give me as detailed a description as possible in regards to colour, consistency and odor and Ill see if I can help out.

  3. You basically bastardized your intestines by giving them too much fiber - i.e. they didn't have to do the work so they got lazy. I'd recommend lots raw goat's milk to repopulate the gut and tighten it up. Stay away from bull**** fast food.

  4. Don't take magnesium oxide.

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