Shoulder injury! please Help!

  1. Unhappy Shoulder injury! please Help!

    I think i injured this on DB flys. I was carefull and at first the pain was probabbly a .01 on 1-10 scale. it only ached a LITTLE near the bottom of a bench press "even tho this was a fly injury". the original injury was VERY mild and i ignored it "this was around 1 month ago". one day, after our finals "im on a different semester than US and europe" i really wanted to get my blood pumping. i had done all my other subsequent workout days and shoulders were the only one remaining, so i did shoulders. until this point it had gradually gotten worse... my last exercise of the day was a shoulder press on the bar and it hurt bad once it became level with the chin or lower. i hadnt moved in so long due to tests that i finished my three sets anyway, and went home.this was my mistake althouth i had been working through acute pain with relatively no side effect once i got to the dorm on this day i realized i might have screwed it up. it really hurt that night, and i decided to take rest. it's now been almost 2 weeks with almost no progress. any suggestions?

    where it hurts:

    if i hold my arm to the side palm formard and pull the arm back it's okay but when i roll the thumb from the upwards position downards theres a pont in transition "at about 45degrees" where it hurts. then once i pass that point the pain goes away.

    also if i stretch it behind my head "like a lat stretch" this hurts pretty bad.

    this is off course without weight.

    when lifting: lateral raises hurt, dumbell chest presses bellow 90 degrees hurt, if i angle the elbows closer to my body when doing presses this is awful "despite the fact this was the recommended way to train chest with a shoulder injury". i can do front raises, shrugs, under handed front raises, some tricep ecercises .etc no problem. shoulder presses are very painful and so are incline presses.

    if someone, anyone could give me any advice, excersises, supps, diet whatever i would be VERY VERY thankful.

    I've always been a slow healer/ non healer and i don't want this to end my BB career:'(

    Please help me. please give me some advice.

  2. OK your description on where the pain is located is really vague but since you said that you injured it doing shoulder presses and that other presses cause pain I am going to take a wild guess and say that it is your supraspinatus tendon. In which case here is a good read to get you started:

    If this article does not describe your pain then google rotator cuff or shoulder injuries and try to get a better diagnosis. Otherwise try to see a physiotherapist.

    Note the general process for injured tendons is:
    1) rest, ice, light stretching, massage until inflammation subsides
    2) rehab exercises, ice, stretching, massage until pain during normal use subsides
    3) gradual reintroduction of movements that caused the injury

    So... you are going to have to lay off the presses for awhile since it sound like you are at phase 2.

    Oh yeah, when you do rehab exercises, it is the negative portion of the movement that is the most beneficial.

  3. I have stuggled with my shoulder for almost 8 months. If I had taken 3 weeks off in the first month it hurt then I would have been 100% months ago. Don't be an idiot like I was, take time and totally rest your shoulder. I thought I could do a little shoulder and chest work as long as it did not hurt much but all I did was make it worse and waste months. REST

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