Flu-like symptoms, after eating? wtf?

  1. Flu-like symptoms, after eating? wtf?

    I have a question,

    For the last 3 weeks, I've been following a pretty strict caloric intake during the day, and using para workout protein / amino pulsing around my workout window. I've been leaning out and maintaining size, however I am not sure if I am either overly insulin sensitive, or what my deal is.

    In the morning, I eat and I feel just fine, quite energetic until roughly noon.
    For refrence, my morning supplement regiment looks like:
    3 liver tabs, 2 multis, 1 b12/b6 pill, 1 green tea 500mg, 2 tsp fish oil

    At lunch I'll eat:
    6 oz piece of salmon, 2 cup Broccoli, 2 tsp fish oil, 3 liver tabs, 2 multi again

    10-15 Minutes into eating, I start to feel anxious, and sick, super cold. My hands get clamy and I can feel my heart pick up speed. I essentially feel like I'm getting the flu. This sick feeling usually lasts about 40-60 mins post eating.

    This never happens in the evening as I do my protein pulse, workout etc, then 60 mins post that I have dinner and almost never get this feeling.

    Could I be hypoglycemic? Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions?

    Really appreciate your input on this

  2. try going to a doctor and getting a food allergy test, thats what it sounds like to me. especially if it only happens when you are eating this particular food. maybe a certain way you prepare the salmon? try eating something else completely different for lunch and see what happens

  3. Caffeine overload? Could be sensitive to caffeine.

  4. i did the same thing as a kid but I did not find out why

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