Gluten free bulk

  1. Gluten free bulk

    So im pretty sure i have a gluten intolerance because every time i have it i get really bloated and have horrible gas. there are a couple people in my family with celiac disease so i have reason to believe i might develop it too.

    the past couple months i have been eating only meat fruits and veggies (basically a Paleo Diet) but have dropped like 10-15 lbs. i have noticed my lifts are going down so i think it is time to put more size on. How can one more muscle to their frame being Gluten Free?

  2. What about dairy, rice and gluten-free pasta?

  3. Funny you should ask. im Lactose intolerant too. im genetically screwed

  4. Use rice milk and a healthy rice based cereal. Eat a few bowls of that each day along with gluten-free pasta. Eat a few tablespoons of natural peanut butter and/or olive oil for more calories.

  5. wouldnt rice based cereals contain gluten?

  6. I guess i can always stick to good ole fashioned ezekiel bread, fruit, and sweet potatoes. Any recommendation on post workout carbs?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by asavage24 View Post
    wouldnt rice based cereals contain gluten?
    Not unless they add gluten to it. This is what I eat:

    [ame=""]Arrowhead Mills Rice Flakes, Sweetened, 12-Ounce Unit (Pack of 6): Grocery[/ame]

    It's an organic rice based cereal that is gluten free.

  8. QUINOA isn't too bad rice and pasta... Just need to eat more I would say

  9. 2 slices ezekiel bread, one table spoon honey, 1/2 banana with a glass of non-fat chocolate soymilk...can't beat that post workout for gluten-free.

  10. gluten free oats


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