Radishes for liver health?

  1. Radishes for liver health?

    I'm surprised nobody on here ever recommends to eat radishes for repairing the liver after a aas cycle or just for overall liver heatlh. It has been used to treat jaundice and has many benefits to detoxifying the liver.

    What are your guys thoughts on radishes? Do you think they are effective? or do you believe only something in pill form like milk thistle is far superior to natural vegetables?

  2. Not to mention coffee

  3. acutally, my milk thistle pills contain some dandelion root and fennel as well.

  4. Nice i did not know that. Whats in the radishes that make the liver cleansing?

  5. They are actually very good for the liver, stomach, gallbladder, kidneys and skin. It makes a good detoxifier with enzymes that purifies the blood, protects the liver, prevents ulcers and infections. Radishes are loaded with vit c, zinc, phosphorus and many others that benifits our bodies.



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