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    Though I tend to agree in general with your statement.
    Right. I meant my statement more as a general comment. I guess I'm a little bitter after my years as a rep for MN dealing with people complaining about the price of X-Factor and yet spending $30-40 per month on the latest-greatest-creatine/NO-bull****-uber-blend. It's like those people who buy a cheap bike and having to buy a new one every year cause it keeps breaking. You'd be better off shelling out $1,000 for a good bike that will last forever.

    ...sorta like that.

    Although I personally think 6-OXO EX is a good design and will probably end up being worth the price.
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  2. i paid $800 for a fuji bike about 3 years ago-hit a pothole and cracked the frame.lol. true story. it wasnt so funny at the time though. kept thinking i could of gone to walmart and bought 5 bikes for what i paid for that one.


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