How Low Can We Go?--NutraPlanet Moving Sale!

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  1. Im always too late for the good stuff at these sales.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by size
    I am sad that I missed the Infusion deal.

    Any chance you want to get rid of some Beverly Int. protein's? Maybe a sale on Ultimate Muscle Protein?
    Hey hey... any Bev products go on sale please email me Ummmm yum yum....

  3. Beverly sells even when it's not on uh, NO

  4. So glad to see others realize how good that protein is! Definitely my favorite.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by stryder
    Beverly sells even when it's not on uh, NO
    Yes, but a profit maximization equation(dy/dx) may actually indicate that a greater profit is possible.
    Beverly Int. sale now?

  6. Stryder, you have redeemed yourself from that Infusion shortage.

  7. Wow!
    Nice follow up Sam,and thank you !

  8. Ahh just took advantage of it. First time ordering from NP

  9. thanks alot sam! i thought to myself, "i love the sale but alot of things i want are no longer available and i need to buy food and pay for rent anyway. ill hold off two weeks before i place an order." sooo curious me checks this morning only to find new products added to the clearance like $5 for supercharge and $10 for isobolic which i had to try, heard good things. needless to say, there goes $100 i saved for rent i'll send the rent bill to you its like a love-hate relationship. hate to spend the money, but love to get great deals when spending it thanks again mate, great sale prices.


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