Basic Cuts

  1. Basic Cuts

    Any Idea of when you will be putting basic cuts from designer up on the site. Thanks

  2. It should be arriving any day now...

  3. Call me a pimp here, but i have used AMP and felt nadda. I also didn't get anything from AX's stimX until i trained on it like 8 hrs after taking (not the most pleasant of experiences).

    And more recently (like 60 minutes ago) took x3 VPX redline and i'm tempted to grab a coffee before i go train because i don't feel a thing.

    EC affects me quite nicely, and the effect from basic cuts is pretty similar to the feeling of EC, only it lasts a little shorter, doesn't seem to make me crash in the evening (used 3 times now) and i've not had a problem sleeping from it yet. It's good people.
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  4. I am looking forward to Basic Cuts, as soon as Sam has some in, I will pick some up. Would be nice if I decide to cut-up a bit while on the NHA (loving that BTW).

    I though StimX would be a good one though, too bad about that.

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  5. Don't get me wrong, some people love StimX, but i'm not so sure i'll take it again after that personal experience.

    When training, after 2 sets my heart beat started pounding like it was trying to escape my chest and then would just stop. A set or two later and it started up again for a minute or two and then stop.

    It wasn't pleasant, but it may just be a unique effect i had.
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  6. Robboe, I searched the boards for Basic Cuts and didnt come up with much, would you mind giving some more detail on this product? Also, what's up with the fat loss stack you guys are selling, that seems like a pretty good deal, is it available to purchase now?

  7. Basic Cuts now available


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