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    Quote Originally Posted by brofessorx View Post
    If that was I wouldn't use PayPal at all. lol.
    Easy way to solve your problem
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    Easy way to solve your problem
    I appreciate your concern. But you don't know what my reason is for choosing PayPal. But obviously there is a reason I don't use a credi/debit card.
    There are lots of places I can shop at using pp. I was just noting my disappointment that nutraplanet does not. Np sells more than just supplements.
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  3. it's not nearly as efficient, but PP does offer a debit card...if that helps you in your situation.
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    From @NutraPlanet15
    "we are unable to offer paypal anymore because they don't agree with some of the products that are sold on the website. Nothing we could do about it."
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