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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Mass_69 View Post
    Yes, Renegade please.
    I guess I'm pretty much alone with this..

  2. 1) Cor-Performance Whey by Cellucor
    2) ENRAGE by eFlow Nutrition
    3) Tri-Pep (BCAA) by Metabolic Nutrition

  3. Prime nutrition intra md, also bulk highly branched cyclic dextrin if possible.

  4. I think some **** products would be good on nutra planet. Sasquatch and reaper are amazing products
    Focused Nutrition

  5. Stimino by Controlled labs

  6. Does the SPRING15 code still work? I am wanting to place another order today.

  7. Can Olympus UK make another "the 1" dplex or methyl dht product?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Aeternitatis View Post
    It would be pretty neat of we could get things like hordenine, tyramine, evodiamine, PEA, yohimbine, and others in low dosed caps so we could mix and match various custom tailored stacks. Or maybe this is something RPN would like to create for me?

    I'd like to see this in a supp:
    Hordenine, tyramine, evodiamine, PEA, cayenne, galangal, long pepper, yohimbine. Maybe play with a few additives too.
    Read my latest post , patent on the way


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