July 4th Sale Freebies!!!!

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  1. July 4th Sale Freebies!!!!

    We love giving back to AnabolicMinds members,these are all going to you guys! Post some order numbers in this thread!!!!!

  2. First!

    Order #495182

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Four_Stroke View Post

    Order #495182
    This guy is getting one

  4. Quote Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
    This guy is getting one
    Thanks Bro!

  5. Order Number: 495198

  6. 495221 trying out that new lipomorph!!

  7. 495138

    Thanks guys!

  8. Thanks Nutra!

  9. Order #495292
    Would be awesome to get one of those, my gym bag literally got stolen out of my car on Tuesday morning! Shoes and everything, bastards.
    Black Lion Research Rep

  10. Order Number: 495380

    Thank you very much for the deals!

  11. 495310. Woohoo!

  12. *crosses fingers*
    Order #495388

  13. Order #495413

  14. OK...I'm in for a spare!!!

    Order #495423

    FYI...I bought one of these bags about 2 weeks ago and it is AWESOME!!!! They are SOOOO durable!!! You are gling to love this bag!!!!

    THanks Corbin!!!

  15. Order # 495382

  16. You still giving these out?


  17. Quote Originally Posted by theniteman View Post
    You still giving these out?

    Yep,got quite a bit more I'll give out come Monday!

  18. Quote Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
    Yep,got quite a bit more I'll give out come Monday!
    THis was a VERY good marketing stunt!!!! I was going to pass on buying any more sups since I already placed 3 orders with you guys as well as one with BB.com...PLUS dropped $99 on a Galaxy Gear Smartwatch all in the past 3 weeks!!! But then I saw this bag & love the one I have & hurried to place a small order.!

    Well Played NutraPLanet! Well Played!!!

  19. Did the email for the sale get dropped yet?

  20. Quote Originally Posted by SheddingSkin View Post
    Did the email for the sale get dropped yet?
    Yes,it was sent out mid day today.

  21. Hmm strange I always get NP emails, maybe I accidentally deleted it with all my spam mail. Thank you I'll just look on the website, was there any special promo codes in the email?

  22. Nice bonus!

  23. Order #495455 Ooohhh I hope I can get one!!! NP SWAGG!
    Current Log: http://anabolicminds.com/forum/workout-logs/291581-officially-chasing-abs.html#post5714196

  24. Order #495503

  25. Order Number# 495239

    I need one of these! My old gym bag is all ripped up.


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