Order still processing?

  1. Order still processing?

    Hi, i've made one order last saturday (23.11) and after having my acc verified, it is still "processing". I tried to contact customer service email twice but no reply.

    Could someone take a look at that?
    Order: 458814

  2. just wait dear

  3. Hello, since my order was not shipped this week I will not be able to receive it on the adress that I gave (miami - FL) since I will be returning to my country tomorrow.

    I would like to change my destination adress, is it possible?

    I will wait for this confirmation, thanks

  4. Hi Krebz,
    It would be best for you to call in to customer service tomorrow when the lines open to make sure your order gets looked at promptly.

  5. Why do people order when there in a pinch? I never get that.. nutra does that best to ship asap, but when products are backordered, or there busy especially around the holidays, anticipate delays. Regardless, I hope this gets worked out for you.

    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

  6. One product was holding up my order, then I believe, once it came in, another product held up my order.

    I just called today, and CS just split my order (which was placed on the 29th of November). I should receive 17 products by this weekend and the last one whenever it comes in. I don't need any of them until the new year anyway though.

  7. Yeah mine still processing from 2 weeks ago cos of Compound 20 being out of stock...
    is it possible for NP to split up the order since i have like4-5 other products in the order that are not being shipped cos of the one item :S?


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