First timer

  1. First timer

    So i just ordered from nutraplanet for the first time.
    I just got a e-mail asking for "deposit" to verify my question is what is deposit? it should be seen on my bank account? right now i only see the amount that is charged, if it's that then should i verify it with that?. I'm international customer so it would'nt be in $.

  2. Bump for answer

  3. Good morning. It's a credit card verification method that you only need to complete on your first order with Nutraplanet. It tends to vary between banks but when you check your online statement there should be a number on the line of the Nutraplanet charge that you send in. You can always call in on Monday to discuss this process.

  4. Thanks, will check it maybe monday if it shows up in my bank account.i'd rather not start calling since my english is a bit limited and it would cost too much to call from where i'm from. hopefully it shows there before that 5 days is gone.

  5. Ok, so now i see only that payment was for NP. Thats the only thing there i see....but i was charged twice of diffrent amounts, should i type that another amount back for verification?

  6. So now that i tried to put it there and nothing happened i was cut because of too many attemps...i'm pissed...too conplicated..can i have my money back, i'll go elsewhere


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