Penetrate Success

  1. Penetrate Success

    A couple of weeks ago in this NutraPlanet section I stated I was goind to mix up some Penetrate & 4ad and post my results. This was back when there were several posts with people having problems. With the help of this fine post by dg806, which you can read here:
    How to Mix 4/ad & Penetrate

    I got 18g of 4ad into 8oz of Penetrate. It has been a couple of hours now and none has settled out. I followed the instructions in the above thread fairly closely. Some differences was that I only used the microwave when warming up pure Penetrate (before mixing in first 3g increment of 4ad). In the subsequent warmups, I used a pan of near boiling water and put the bottle in for about 5 minutes. The microwave may be fine, I was just being ultra conservative. I also chopped the 4ad with a razor before adding each 3g increment. Again this was just being safe and conservative. Anyway, it takes a little time doing it this way, but it's worth it for a successful batch of td. Props to dg806 for his detailed thread.


  2. It's been over 24hrs now and no fallout. I think it's going to all stay in solution.


  3. i like that it goes in ok but i dont like the pure liquid for the solution. i loved the t-gel....

  4. Thanks DD!

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