DL here giving an awesome review for MAN Sports pre workout GameDay. I got the chance to be sponsored for 10 days by MAN sports for their awesome new pre workout GameDay, I have nothing but good things to say about this sup. GameDay gave me the extra something I was missing in my workouts, I had tried other pre workouts before as well and they all failed at giving me what I needed, some were to much and have me the shakes, while others weren't enough to even tell a difference, GameDay was perfect, it gave me the push to get to the gym and the energy to crush my workouts every time! Not only did the product deliver on the performance side but also gave my body vital nutrients that it needed to recover, my recovery time while taking GameDay was cut in half from what it was before I took it. Also saw a huge difference in muscle mass and strength as well. Unlike most pre workouts on the market, GameDay tasted amazing, literally like drinking candy, I was able to get it down without getting that disgusted look on my face, which is great for people that have a weak stomach! All and all I give GameDay 5 stars and will recommend it to all my weight lifting friends. MAN Sports did it again guys, you gotta try this product!!!