Elbow pain. Cracking noise

  1. Elbow pain. Cracking noise

    Who have the same problem? Any ideas how to treat it?

  2. Sounds like you're describing what is known as crepitus. Non-painful crepitus isn't necessarily a problem. It's something you should discuss with your physician if it's concerning you.

  3. You ever try Super Cissus? Quality product. Has helped me get over tons of minor and not so minor injuries.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by vladi View Post
    Who have the same problem? Any ideas how to treat it?

    That's just normal. I have cracking noise in both elbows, my neck, my heels, my ankles. I hear cracking when laying down on a bench to do bench press. My knees my crunching noises every time I do squats, leg extensions or leg presses....Elbow pain comes and goes but you just have to switch exercises for a while and find something that doesn't bother it. What really bothers mine is lat pull downs.

  5. I would get checked out first. If it is just typical aches and pains....Orange Triad will be helpful and if needed a little Cissus XT. Great combo.

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