NP Exclusive: The World's Strongest Legal Anabolic...

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    NP Exclusive: The World's Strongest Legal Anabolic...

    The Most Powerful 3-in-1 Testosterone Support!

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    Forget What you Know about Test Boosters!
    Consider Your Mind...Blown!

    Like everyone else we were tired of tribulus & every other me too "ultra concentrate" testosterone formulas that just gave you modest boost in libido & minimal strength gains. If you're simply measuring the effectiveness of your test boosters on're missing the BIG picture!

    So we at MAN Sports got busy formulating... Precise & Specifically Dosed.. PR-XT™ would later be coined "Elite Anabolic Enhancement" by those who became familiar with it's effectiveness.

    Introducing the World's Strongest Legal Anabolic Test Booster!

    New research & technical manufacturing was developed by MAN Sports to create Engineered Extracts with Critical Strength & Bioavailability to make the first Super Anabolic. Developing Highly Specific Extracts in some cases 10x More Strength than current sources available made PR-XT™ a choice decision for size, strength, power.

    What Beta Testers are saying about PR-XT:
    "This is the strongest natural anabolic I've ever used! It's got my 3 favorite supps: Compound 20, Triazole, Anabeta and MORE in 1 bottle...This is a game changer!"
    Jaysen T.
    Fort Worth, TX

    "This stuff Dominates Anabolic, this is the Ultimate Anabolic Cocktail!"
    Tyrus H.
    Plano, TX

    "I immediately put PR-XT to the test on my own body. Nothing compares! To me this is Amazingly Effective & Extremely Powerful. Definitely for Serious Lifters ONLY..."
    Lucas W.
    Friendswood, TX

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    NEW! PR-XT

    Super Anabolic!
    Price: $89.99
    List Price: $49.99
    You Save: 45%

    Hormone Modulator!
    Price: $99.99
    List Price: $34.99
    You Save: 65%
    Anabolic Algorithm Stack
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    PR-XT + Nolvadren XT
    Price: $189.98
    Sale Price: $69.99
    You Save: 64%

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    Awesome deal!
  3. ksa
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    2 PR-Xt is $45 each. The AAS (PR-XT & Nolvadren-XT) is $70.

    To calculate Nolvadren-XT's price $70 - $45 = $25 (instead of $35 if bought alone). Nice deal from a stand up "no prop" company. But I'm not sure of the resultsrice ratio as PR-XT'S price still kinda high.

    BTW its been a week now i'm liking the PR.

    Any chance of doing the AAAS (All-out Anabolic Algorithm Stack) PR-XT, Nolvadren-XT and Prometheus Rising for like $85.

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    Man, honestly, PR-XT is a VERY EXPENSIVE product to manufacturer. That really is an outstanding sale price! And, if you calculate up the actives and truly see what all you're getting in just PR-XT alone, you'll see the real worth, trust me! And, then, when you throw Nolvadren-XT into the mix, well, let's just say you'll be at a whole different level. You can not go wrong with either solo, but the synergistic combination is unbeatable really. Trust me, you will see PR-XT rise and stay steady on our top 100. Once customers can establish it's true effects over a month cycle, it'll blow up, just like Top notch formulator, formulations, and an empire brand being built here.

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