XFA: Researched & Effective Supplement to Build Muscle NATURALLY!

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    XFA: Researched & Effective Supplement to Build Muscle NATURALLY!

    Now you can get the Best Value on the NEW X-Factor Advanced (Exclusive 200 count), available
    EXCLUSIVELY at NutraPlanet!

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    After years of continued research and development on arachidonic acid (ARA), Molecular Nutrition has launched the next big innovation in muscle-building supplementation. X-Factor Advanced combines the patented protein synthesizing power of arachidonic acid, with a precise synergistic blend of ingredients designed to enhance its absorption, utilization, and overall effectiveness. X-Factor Advanced takes the power of X-Factor to a whole new level! It took more than 6 years of research and experimentation, but Molecular Nutrition has finally returned to once again set a new standard. X-Factor Advanced – an enhanced version of the original anabolic masterpiece!

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    X-Factor Double Size (200 count)
    Regular Price: $199.99
    Sale Price: $69.99
    YOU SAVE 65%

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    crazy! saw it on the front page before coming on here.. awesome deal!

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