5aOHP available at Nutraplanet at super low prices

  1. 5aOHP available at Nutraplanet at super low prices

    Check out Natraplanet for the lowest prices on Taurus Nutrition!! Get it now while prices are at an all time low.

    Introducing 5aOHP...Even a better muscle builder than many chemically altered PH products...

    The great thing about the active ingredient in 5aOHP is that it won't turn into estrogen and will give you dry, solid gains in mass with limited side effects. The best reported benefit by our testers is the body composition changes *****ing the most potent illegal compounds! Because it can't convert to estrogen, you can bet that 5aOHP is guaranteed to be free from bloating estrogenic side effects. Hundreds of thousands of bottles sold of progestin based hormones with ZERO estrogenic side effects! Case closed!


  2. Thanks Buddy!!!


  3. Natural???

  4. Its Hormonal!!!



  5. Bump for these great prices!

    Get them while you can


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