Full line of BEAST products?

  1. Full line of BEAST products?

    Do you guys plan to carry the full line of beast products?

    Beast Whey
    Super Test
    Beast Mode
    2 Shredded



  2. I liked the samples of 2 Shredded, may wish to further investigate.
    Hoping for some stellar XMAS deals from the planet, New years specials?
    I just ordered but feeling like I want to order again!

  3. Predator works pretty darn well. It'll give you some big azz pumps for sure.

  4. I believe some of this is in the works, hold tight guys, and thanks for your interest in Beast supps
    It would be great to see some more of the line by New Years in case Nutra does a sale, yes?

  5. AminoLytes coming soon though, hopefully this gets on Nutra!


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