Very sad to see NutraPro Naturals go!!!

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  1. I hope Cinnamon Sticky Bun is the aforementioned "most popular" flavor. I know some are saying these cinnamon flavors are just trendy, but I love the ****. I'd probably buy two the day you release it. I've been going through at least 1-2 per month since I first got one...just so delicious and so essential with college cafeteria food being my main food source.

  2. Seems to be a mob forming NP...torches in hand....

  3. Any update on this?

  4. This is extremely disappointing. This was the best value, healthiest protein out there. The apple cinnamon and strawberry tasted great. I was just about to recommend this product and Nutra Planet in my online fitness program, but I guess I'll hold off. I won't be doing any more business with nutraplanet until they bring this product back.

  5. Sadly will have to switch to Trutein Cinnabun for similar (not as good IMO) taste for double the price.

  6. Well shoot I guess I'm a little late on this protein. I always look for good and cheap protein. Just came across anabolicminds and read this post. Hope NP brings it back!!!

  7. raelly liked it too, but lets face it... there's little money in protein if you want to price it competitively.
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