Nutraplanet PLCAR Dosing

  1. Nutraplanet PLCAR Dosing

    Just got my order in. On the bottle it says "Take up to 500mg approximately 30 minutes before athletic activity or before bed.". However In the write up it say to take 2 grams per day. I've also read others post to take 1 gram in the morning and 1 gram in the pm. Should this be taken on an empty stomach or with food or does it matter?. I'd like to take a dose now just to see how I feel....

  2. Mine is dosed 600 mg per scoop so I used 3 heaping scoops and got great energy. I am not talking about a subtle difference either. My goals are more energy and fat loss.

  3. 2 grams per day would be appropriate. Typically, from the recommendations I have seen is first thing in the am and pre w/o.

    I have read positives and negatives for with or without food. I would say use your judgment, but I side with food
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  4. For me first thing in in the morning is pre work out so that's easy. I take mine with fish oil at least if not with food.

  5. Thanks guys. By the nice job on the labels Nutaplanet!. Last time I purchased a bulk powder from you guys it just had a plain white label with the name of the product. No dosing information at all. The other question I have though is, why the inconsistency of dosing information on the bottle to dosing information in the write up?. Why not keep everything the same?.

  6. TBH, I am not 100% sure. Could be a printing error. However, the 2g per day seems to be the going rate. I will be getting the Ultima/PLCAR stack (should be pre w/o awesomness) and will be going at 2g per as well
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  7. Another question, is this something that should be taken everyday to build up in the system or does it matter?.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by T-Bone View Post
    Another question, is this something that should be taken everyday to build up in the system or does it matter?.
    bump for the question

  9. Just bored right now and looking at old threads.


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